Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Long day

Worked at the polls 6am-10:45pm by the time we returned all our supplies.

Some people don't understand what a primary is & got really pissed that they had to change or declare a party. Sigh. I guess in one sense they are lucky to get to vote at all, since it's really about each party choosing their candidates for the Nov ballot.

Great, now that it's over I figure out a better way of explaining it. :p. D'oh!

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trick said...

I find it interesting that Iowa has primaries for some elections and caucuses for others.

Some states have open primaries where you don't have to declare an affiliation at all. Just ask for the ballot you want to vote on. Or something like that. I find the concept interesting.

(Of course, I'd just as soon diversify the party system to at least 3 majors plus several minors, but that's a different matter entirely....)