Monday, November 08, 2010


Context is such an interesting thing. I've gotten a lot of interesting context & perspective in the past few months around music stuff.

Going to a different festival over Labor Day Weekend where the distinction between performers & audience was more acute. Sitting around the campfire and having the one guy who hosts house concerts say how he was so nervous to perform in front of the "artists", and the lady next to me saying, "It's only the 2% who are performers, the rest of us don't know how to write songs!"

Oh. Right.

Getting to hear the end of a talk in CO about playing to your neighborhood. To them, it IS cool that you write songs, most of them don't.

Oh. True. (though I do think there is a pretty good number of good songwriters in this town)

Audacity may be the bigger differentiator between two artists, not talent.

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