Wednesday, February 02, 2011


1. It's 2:22 am. I have the insomnia thing going on but it's much different than with the medicine.

2. I've been off the meds for about a month. Switched to Chinese Herbs & accupressure.

3. I haven't lost any pounds really this month, but I have gained any really either. To be able to maintain while coming off the pills is pretty huge. Also, I have most definitely lost inches, and have been going to the gym nearly every day. So I suppose muscle is taking the place of the fat. I can tell my body is shrinking even though the scale isn't reflecting that yet.

4. I'm still struggling with my food relationship, but I'm more able to express it out loud, and working on having my body experience the balance that my brain already knows about in theory. Having the room to do that without the pills is also great.

5. It is snowing. A LOT.

6. Music stuff is bubbling and feels like it is coming to a head. I just don't know how it's going to manifest yet.

7. Someone asked me if I could ask for money to support some of my musical dreams and my first thought was, "how can I ask anyone for money when I haven't even done anything yet? Don't I have to prove myself worthy by producing at least one thing people like first before they will want to invest in me?"

8. It's SUPER windy!

9. A lot of big ideas are being tested to the limits.

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