Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More boxes

I thought I had done this great job clearing out a bunch of boxes and bags in my office and the laundry room. I was getting really close to having good usable space in my office.

Then I decided to put my old laptop case away in the closet where we keep luggage.

I noticed a box for hubcap/wheel cover things that go on the car I sold like a year ago. Took those out so we could get rid of them.

Then I looked behind some of the suitcases, found some of G's old shoes, and my rollerblades! Awesome, but I have only used them a couple of times because I never found pads that fit me.

THEN I glanced through a crack in the insulation board that covers the entrance to the attic of the house. (we store most stuff in the garage attic). I saw a white banker box with my name on it.

Pulled back the insulation board, lifted the weird sliding/pulleywindow door thing to the attic and discovered a big stack of stuff that we apparently boxed up when we moved in here from our first apartment.

Some stuff I'd completely forgotten about. Some stuff I had been vaugely wondering where it had gotten to for probably about 4.5 years or so. Honestly, I don't even remember putting any of it up there. I might not have done it personally. My mom & bro might have put them up there for me.

But dude, were there ever boxes! One row was two tall and four deep!! Those white banker boxes. Covered in little black crumbs from roof tiles. My old journals, stuffed animals, craft stuff and clothes!

I took down 3 boxes of clothes to process through, made a pile that was probably one box worth of "stuff to get rid of".

Now it's all out in the hall, that two days ago was looking all clean and empty because of the house concert. Because I didn't have time to get past that one step of sorting.

And now I'm thinking of a friend who might possibly want a few items...

Sigh. So much to do, so little time.

And the washer is leaky and the dryer is taking waaaaay longer than it should. As if it was clogged with birds nests again, except it isn't, or with anything else in any of the places we can figure out to check.

And between all the houseguests and me not having as many clothes that fit, I'm needing to do more laundry these days.


I DID catch up on my current music homework today! A week plus two days! Now to stay on top of it and finish last block, catch up on podcast archives and prerecord for when I'm gone.

Oh and write some articles to see if the papers will publish my interview schedules! Good publicity for all.

Also thinking it would be good to write a "what's a house concert" article. And I have a meeting on thurs about another paying article.


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