Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sitting In The Middle

Spent the morning folding laundry & packing. Got to the point I had to stop and toss a bunch of stuff in bags to repack later. Ran around all over the square and Everbody's, picking up groceries for various things and paychecks/money owed, etc. Realized I hadn't eaten lunch and wasn't likely to have time to stop so got a scone from the cafe.

Stopped at my mom's to get trained to give Rite 2. Very happy to be able to share that with peeps now! A little shy still but it will just take some time.

Managed to get to DM by about 5. T was napping and got a bit of a chance to wake up while I frantically tried to cram two bags worth of stuff into one. Decided to change out of the dress that was both too big & therefore not as cute, and had gotten coffee spilled on it several times. Also decided to wear my jean jacket under my big sweatshirt so that was a couple fewer things in the suitcase but it was still a struggle to close it!

Spent $7+ on a stupid hummus wrap at the airport, which the girl rang up as turkey. I asked her if the price was the same and she said that actually the turkey was cheaper!! So she was doing me a favor, but it seemed so weird that the veg option was actually more!

Luckily, the wrap was freakin' delicious!! Like I'd almost get another one some day, even knowing the price! More likely I will see what I can do to recreate my own...

Flight to MPLS was great, not full at all, I got the whole 2 seats to myself and switched to the window. (weird, cuz the online checkin showed only my assigned seat as available.) Saw some AMAZING clouds and a little lake when we were landing that was like a liquid ruby from the sunset. Got some good images for a song I am working on.

This flight to PDX is totally full & I have a center seat. Argh. But it is more comfortable with 41lbs less of me in it!

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