Saturday, June 26, 2010


It's raining again. Tomorrow is going to be a nutty day. Too many committments! All important! Work, wedding, graduation.

And all I want to do is get to know this new community I discovered online!

I joined a songwriting contest. A just for fun/bragging rights sort of thing. 4 rounds & people get eliminated each time till it's a head to head thing.

I made it through the first round kind of by default because of the # of people who dropped out/ dropped the ball. We're still all going to be reviewed & ranked though, and will find out in a few days how we did there.

It's pretty interesting to put myself out there with people I don't even know, and in a contest situation no less! Even stranger is that many of them seem to be friends going back a while, so there are all sorts of inside jokes and banter going on that I think is going over my head.

It's kind of like meeting your inlaws and their whole extended family for the first time. So many names & faces & personalities to figure out, and people have nicknames for each other, to further complicate things!

And I find myself wanting to defend or explain things about the song, like if they knew me they would take it easy on me or something. But then I realize that is such a cop out! The song should stand on it's own, whether it's new style for me or something I've done for a while. And it's such good feedback to find out how stuff goes over with total strangers!

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