Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Just posted the thing I wrote on the plane but forgot to post when I had wifi.

Today is our last full day in PDX. It has been fun. Super cool city. The graduation was early timing-wise in terms of the whole trip, so we have had a couple days to just chill/explore, which has been awesome.

Yesterday we went to a saltwater soaking pool. It was so nice we stayed there for probably close to 3 hours! It was in this old school building that they have done up to be like a hotel with various bars and such, but they have left up all the little signs & such that say things like "Home Ec" and "Cafeteria". There is one bar in the detention room - where you can smoke! Ha!

It really had a bit of a Hogwarts feel to it. Stenciled swirly patterns on the bathroom doors, murals on the walls, fun themes. Very, very cool.

The whole city, or at least the parts I've been to, seems very artistic and accepting. Creativity and wackiness is the norm, to be expected. As is a certain respect or awareness of the environment, and natural healing. Again, it may just be the neighborhood, but even if it is, this big of a neighborhood with that much acceptance and awareness is pretty darn cool.

It's probably right up there as one of the cities I've been most comfortable in. I still don't really see myself living here though. Not a city girl. But I would love to come back often. :)

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