Sunday, May 30, 2010


Portland was awesome.

Spoiled me a bit though. Eating out every day/meal. TONS of restaurant choices. Coffee at least once a day. Not keeping track of food & exercise. A real vacation, a real break from the day to day.

Left me wishing for a little more of all that when I got back home. I know that that much indulgence everyday long term would NOT result in happiness, I have no doubts. And it's better to leave wanting more and ready to go back with good memories than to get sick of it and not want to go back...

It might take me a little longer to snap out of it though. heh.

I THINK I came out of it even money-wise, more or less. Will see for real when we do finances, but so far so good. Just got a check in today that should cover the hostel expense I put on the credit card. Still - $117 for 5 nights? Good stuff.

Left once again with the conundrum - it would be SO very nice to live closer to those gals. But how will we ever find a city/living situation that we are all happy in? I do love FF. Aware of its shortcomings and all.

We see each other so well, the power and the beauty and the potential. We cheer each other on when we aren't reaching our fullest expressions. And yet it's still hard to really believe it for ourselves. That "well, they have to say that, they're my friends." But seriously - why would we have become friends in the first place if we didn't think the other was awesome? I'd like to think that initial assessment at least was honest if nothing else, but I'm sure it's more than that.
Funny, funny, the way the tricksy mind works... heh.

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