Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not as hard on your heart

I want you
to stop being so hard on yourself

Would you say these things to your closest friend?
To any friend?

I didn't think so.

Would your closest friends allow you to say these things about yourself, if they knew?

Who gave you permission to be such a jerk? So cruel?

No one deserves to be so put down

No one

That doesn't mean you're getting a free pass
That you get to stop working on things

Oh no

It might even be harder
Because when you don't have the excuse of preempting the possibility of failure
Keeping you from taking action
You still have to work to get what you want
It's just the path is cleared now

So it might be less sitting around paralyzed
And more actual work
Which might, in a way, be harder

Just not on your heart

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